Could Aqui-Hiring provide your firm the stability it needs?

Since the implementation of Alternative Business Structures (ABS), the legal sector has most certainly become more competitive. ABS allows non-legal professionals to sit on the Board of Directors of legal firms to help with important business and financial decisions.

It has been argued that this has given a certain competitive edge to the modern law firm, compared to the traditional business model of firms – typically managed by legal Partners. Perhaps it could be suggested that legal professionals don’t necessarily have the business insight that some Non-Executive Directors sitting on boards have. Cue the emergence of Aqui-Hiring to support departments and expansion plans.

What is Aqui-Hiring?

Given the competitive nature of the legal sector, workloads have never been higher. The emergence of complex legal concepts such as Brexit, GDPR and IR35 have increased the need for stricter compliance, forward planning and futureproofing which has left many specialist firms stretched – bending to accommodate the increased legal cases and enquiries.

Firms will generally specialise in one or more areas of law, be that family law, compliance, criminal… the list goes on. Aqui-Hiring has allowed the sector to spread the caseload, as it were, enabling firms to buy out either a whole firm, or specific departments of firms in order to accommodate increased variation of workload. For example, a firm specialising in personal injury may want to merge or acquire a criminal law department to deal with any instances of intentional personal injury or criminal fraud.

Why is Aqui-Hiring good for business?

It’s not just the legal sector that makes use of Aqui-Hiring, however there are some more specific benefits to the industry. Aqui-Hiring is a fantastic way to mitigate financial risk. After all, buying out a department could be a temporary decision in the short-term to cover a landslide case that requires the extra hands and specialist knowledge immediately.

It is also an effective way to grow your firm. Rather than expanding and going through a costly individual hiring process – where you risk the cost of several bad hires – you can take on a tried and tested department or firm who are fully prepped and ready to go. Again, you’re saving valuable time in training and development, whilst lessening the financial risk to the firm in the short-term.

What can you gain from working with Zest Recruitment?

They say never to judge a book by its cover and Zest Recruitment is no different. Why? Because we don’t only offer recruitment services. Zest’s Managing Directors have over 40 combined years of experience as Solicitors in the sector. With this legal knowledge of processes, operations and internal decision-making skills, it allowed us to expand into client consultancy as well.

The consultancy wing of the business looks to aid legal firms and Alternative Business Structures with their internal and external decision-making and processes. This involves extensive experience in Aqui-Hiring as a prerequisite.

If you are looking to expand your firm or perhaps recruit whole departments, work with a company that has the expert knowledge and has gone the extra mile – get in touch with Zest Recruitment who can help with all of your legal business needs.