Who are the most influential men in UK law?

Whilst we have previously written about influential women in UK law, there are plenty of influential men who are also making huge steps within the legal sector. From recent appointments to winning landmark cases, men are helping bring the legal industry into the modern world. How? I hear you ask. Well, take a look below at our list of influential men within UK law.

Sir Terence Etherton

Since being called to the bar in 1974 and entering the Queen’s Counsel in 1990, Sir Terence Etherton has gradually kept climbing the legal ladder. Becoming High Court Judge in 2001 and upon receiving his knighthood, he continued to climb.

Back in 2016, Sir Terence Etherton was promoted to Master of the Rolls. With this and the title of Head of Civil Justice, he currently ranks second in the UK legal hierarchy, with his only superior being the Lord Chief Justice. Etherton was also the first openly gay senior judge and continues to speak out about his journey and its challenges. Fun fact: Sir Terence Etherton was also a member of the British fencing team for sabre at the 1980 Olympics.

Geoffrey Cox QC

Best known for his work in some of the country’s biggest fraud trials and human rights cases, Geoffrey Cox recently took over as the Government’s most senior law officer. He covers a variety of specialisms such as commercial, arbitration, crime, financial and regulatory crime, courts martial, public and human rights.

He is currently tackling the big economical challenge that is Brexit. Taking position on the front line of negotiations regarding the backstop and customs union, whilst still being present within the legal community by fighting for the human rights of refugees overseas – this is one admirable professional.

Joshua Siaw

As a partner at the city law firm, White & Case, Joshua deals with the firm’s global banking practice and is also director of the Africa practice. He was also the only lawyer that previously accompanied Prime Minister Thersea May, on her recent trade mission to Africa, which is set to improve English law and its services. This was all in preparation of the UK leaving the EU, as their aim was to help deepen the economic roots and ties between the UK and Africa.

Jolyon Maugham QC

Not only is Jolyon a successful barrister but he also founded the Good Law Project. A project that legally challenges the Brexit process as a bid to deliver a progressive society. He regularly speaks out about the problems and debates that Brexit is causing, like the choice on whether to revoke Article 50 or not. Activity looking for ways to improve current processes he is constantly aiming to better public knowledge of Brexit proceedings.

There are so many different people within the legal industry that are striving for a better economy, equal rights for everyone and to help keep the innocent safe or provide them with fair justice. It’s difficult to pin point just a handful of professionals when so many are making waves in their own unique ways. Both men and the women are roles models to current and future legal professionals in the way that they can influence and inspire those around them. What’s stopping you becoming the next influential leader in law?

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