Our top five legal novels

With bank holiday season looming and the days becoming longer and warmer, we’re all itching to find the next great holiday read, or two. So, we’ve done the research for you and gathered together five wonderful legal-based books that will keep you pleasantly occupied in your spare time:

The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken
By The Secret Barrister

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In case you haven’t already heard of the phenomenon that is The Secret Barrister, their book uncovers the inner workings of the British Justice System. Rather than looking at specific cases, they write about their own real-life experiences within the industry.

A topical and in-depth exposé – it parallels the hardships and successes of a career in law. The conversational style of writing makes for an easy read that is sure to provide you with plenty of talking points. Interestingly however, the question still remains, who is The Secret Barrister?

In Your Defence: Stories of Life and Law
By Sarah Langford

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Sarah hits the ball out of the park for females in the legal profession, as she recalls 11 of her past family and criminal law cases. She expertly intertwines her own reflections of her courtroom encounters with her 10 years of vibrant experience in the sector.

This book will have you going through the motions as you travel along the roller-coaster of events. For anyone who cherishes fairness and humanity in their justice system, this will give you everything you need and more. A must-have book.

Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories: From Lady Chatterley’s Lover to Howard Marks
By Thomas Grant

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If you find real trials fascinating – and let’s face it – who doesn’t? This could be your next favourite read. Drawing on various case studies from the career of Jeremy Hutchinson, who was probably one of the greatest criminal barristers from the 60’s – 80’s, this book outlines how his cases helped to shape society. Indicating how much of a leading force he was in the legal industry.

Thomas Grant manages to bring clarity and wit to these British post-war legal chronicles. It’s gripping, and with many of the cases providing themselves as seemingly unwinnable, Hutchinson is still able to open the minds of even the biggest bigots of his time.

The Innocent Man
By John Grisham

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This title may already be familiar to you because it’s now a major Netflix series. With true crime topping the ratings lists, this book fits the bill perfectly. The Innocent Man follows the shocking investigation into the complete miscarriage of justice Ron Williamson experienced -who was falsely accused of a crime back in 1971.

John Grisham is well-known for his legal novels and whilst Grisham fans are used to his fictional work, they will not be disappointed with his switch to non-fiction. The Innocent Man is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages to find the inner truths about this broken justice system.

Small Great Things
By Jodi Picoult

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Whilst the greater majority of legal books may be non-fiction, this masterpiece of fiction proves itself just as intriguing to read. The story follows how the tragic death of a new-born changes the lives a father, a nurse and a public defender in many ways they didn’t expect. Taking the viewpoints of three different characters, you will be given the inside scoop into different walks of life and how each of those people can work to fight their injustice.

Jodi Picoult has gifted the world with a truly though-provoking read. Including various themes that will cause you to self-reflect. You will not want to put this brilliant novel down for a single minute.

So, whether it’s a true crime mystery, a heart-breaking family story or a gripping account of those who fight for justice – there is a legal novel for you all.