How to attract the attention of a legal recruiter?

If you’re an active or passive candidate, it’s never a bad time to start lifting your professional biography. Whether it’s to enhance your chances of catching the perfect legal recruiter on the end of your proverbial hook, or simply to keep your options open.

But if you’re sat here, reading this and thinking “how?!” because you already know it’s not as easy as flipping the ‘active’ switch on your social media. Or, signing up to every single recruitment agency that cover the legal sector. Don’t threat, because we’re here to explain exactly what it takes to attract the attention of specialist legal recruiters…

 What platform?

Remember to always do your research. It’s important to be well informed about where the recruiters and companies in the legal sector are more likely to be setting their sights. Finding the platform that they engage with most will give you more opportunities to be seen.

 Optimise your professional profile

Once you’ve found the perfect podium, it’s time to make sure your profile is strong and stands out above the rest. Be sure to keep your employment history up-to-date – that includes a detailed description of the responsibilities you handled throughout your time there.

Try to make your experience as relevant as possible to your desired career. Highlighting that your pub job taught you valuable communication skills, and that your work experience as a junior researcher has helped you develop your analytical and research skills, are both key examples of good experience. Don’t shy away from including non-legal experience on your CV.

Be active in your field – both community and online

You have a voice… and hands. So, use them! Get involved in your legal community, especially if you can find a pro bono volunteering program or legal charity to help out at. This will not only broaden your tunnel of legal knowledge, but it will raise your public profile and give you practical experience.

Also, not only is it something you can utilise on your CV and your online profiles, but it can also make for an ideal talking point in future interviews – where you can showcase how you have transformed your knowledge into practical experience.

Being active in the legal community doesn’t just mean being present in a legal case or working for a firm. It can also include involvement in online discussions surrounding topics within the legal sector. Whether it’s joining a forum discussing new changes to legislation or opening up a question after an outcome of a court case – specialist recruiters will be impressed to see your involvement and passion for the sector.

Join local online communities

Don’t forget to join local groups and online communities that follow similar law-based topic that you are interested in – not only will specialist legal recruiters be monitoring these spaces to find talent, but law firms keep an eye on this too.

Joining these local groups will not only help you raise a profile but, if you are an active candidate, this is where jobs that are closer to you will be advertised more prominently than the more general job boards.

Whilst on the topic of job boards, it’s imperative that potential candidates are aware of the value that specialist legal job boards can bring. Job boards like TotallyLegal And LegalWeek Jobs can show you where your new career in law could venture to – it’s also more likely that specialist recruiters are advertising their positions on these dedicated boards.

Don’t forget to add a bit of character too

When trying to impress people who you don’t know, it can be easy to slip into ‘robot mode’ and lose your sense of character. Your own personality is one of your key selling points. It’s not all about what makes you different in the way you work but it’s how you stand out as a person too. So, whilst you rush to post about all of the trending legal topics, and before you initiate a conversation with your recruiter about the latest changes to legislation; don’t forget to allow your personality to come across – and talk about your other interests and passions too.