Benefits of using a specialist legal recruiter

Recruiting new employees can be both a timely and costly process to do in-house. You may now be wondering whether to use a general or specialist legal agency to hire your next Senior Litigation Lawyer, Clinical Negligence Lawyer or other legal professional. While both do come with their benefits, here’s why you should be using a specialist legal recruiter.

Knowledge of market 

Using a specialist legal recruiter will ensure that the person you are hiring to fill your vacancy has an extensive knowledge of what your company needs and wants. The legal specialist will have experience in finding the perfect candidates for specialist roles and will more than likely have their own expert placement procedures that will ensure you are offered the best talent possible for that role.

A knowledge of the market means an awareness of skills and trends in the legal sector. Meaning that finding potential candidates who showcase the traits and experience needed for your specific firm can be trusted with your legal recruiter. They will have the ability to see the bigger picture for your company. 

Candidate relationship and reach

With specialist recruiters spending a lot of their time building a database for future positions, it’s highly likely that the candidates offered by a sector expert will have the niche skills your firm is looking for. The reach any agency can provide can be high but what you really want is your vacancy to be seen by the right people not just lots of them. 

With legal recruitment specialists, it’s clear which sector they specifically recruit for and therefore those candidates who are actively looking for roles will be seeking out these types of recruitment agencies rather than looking at those who cover a wide range of sectors. Thus, guaranteeing the ideal candidate placement being made quicker.  

Employer value

An important factor of businesses, companies and firms today is their employer brand and reputation. Communicative experience is intrinsic to an effective hiring process and the knowledge a specialist recruiter yields can ultimately aid this and add employer value by offering advice, insights and accurate knowledge on the sector of choice.  

A specialist recruiter will be able to focus on the needs of the candidate, keep constant communication with them and provide them with industry-focused advice. Therefore, taking the stress away from the business and maintaining a positive relationship with potential employees. 

With all of the benefits specialist legal recruiters have to offer, efficiency is certainly an overall advantage. It’s the overall in-depth knowledge that will not only speed up the process but also deliver quality outcomes from each recruitment opportunity. Your candidates will thank you for it. After all, a streamlined recruitment process is the end goal for all firms wishing to compete effectively in the war for talent.