Top tips to nailing an office-based role

Reaching the holy grail of a 9-5, Monday to Friday role can feel an achievement in itself. Despite fleeting negative connotations surrounding ‘office jobs’, there are in fact many ways to make the most of your new environment. The trick is to take each challenge in your stride and take into account these top tips.

  1. Manage your relationships

One of the huge benefits of working in an office is a large and diverse team of colleagues who can support your work and fill your days with conversation and interaction. It can be easy to hermit yourself to the confines of your desk and bury yourself in work. Avoid this and make sure you are spending at least 20 minutes of your day taking time out to interact. Not only will this breed innovation and ideas, but it will improve team dynamics and relations.

Also, don’t be afraid to socialise with your colleagues after work, many office jobs offer winding down time or team drinks to celebrate the end of the week. It can be more than beneficial to go along to this and more often than not you can involuntarily exclude yourself by not going. Don’t feel pressured to drink or spend money though! It’s not frowned upon to go along for a quick chat then you’re free to leave and enjoy your weekend, having made the effort to ‘show your face’.

  1. Prioritise your health

There is a stigma that is attached to office workers – an army of caffeine-fuelled, ‘serial snackers’, breaking up the day with coffee breaking and trips to the local corner shop. It’s true, working in the same environment day by day could potentially breed some bad habits. The trick is to prioritise your health.

Be sure you’re still getting sufficient exercise. Sitting at your desk for up to eight hours a day admittedly is not the best way to get in those recommended 10,000 steps, so be sure to fit in some activity. Whether it’s taking a stroll on your lunch break, doing some laps in the local pool in the morning or hitting the gym after work, you’ll notice the difference in your mood right away. Have a quick check on what Heat do for wellbeing – maybe we could get something in there without being too self-promoting?

Most importantly, don’t forget to hydrate. Studies show that you will make an average of 7,989 rounds of tea or coffee in your lifetime. Grabbing a water along with that fix will do wonders for your health and energy levels.

  1. Don’t overwork

A recent article highlighted that workers spend an average of 18 days a year skipping their lunch break! That’s 18 days of overtime that are likely not being recognised for or, most importantly, paid for. Your breaks are there for a reason and chances are, overworking yourself too hard will lead to lower levels of productivity. In a legal career you will inevitably spend a lot of time at work, so it can really pay to give yourself that hour in the day to centre yourself and recoup.

  1. Don’t let emails swallow you up

As you immerse yourself in the mountain of work, it may quickly become apparent that emails are your lifeline. However, don’t let this extend to your team. Studies have found that co-workers communicated less frequently face-to-face when they worked in open-office floors, due to a reliance on email. Avoid this vortex and pop along to your colleague with a question. Not only are you improving communication, but you’re cutting down the time taken to battle through your emails daily. This extra time can be used to progress your role.