Large corporations are offering recruitment services, why using a specialised agency is better

In July 2017, Google announced the launch of its cutting-edge recruiting tool. Following in the footsteps of IT giant Microsoft and their Dynamics 365 for Talent, this new piece of software was designed with busy hiring managers in mind. Its aim? To streamline the applicant tracking process, and help organisations secure the right candidates faster.

Having already launched ‘Google For Jobs’ in the US to help connect job seekers with current opportunities through an AI-powered search engine, the move into corporate recruitment services came naturally. Aptly named ‘Hire’, Google unveiled a service that many predicted would revolutionise the recruitment process altogether.

Exactly a year on since its inception and it’s safe to say not much has changed. In fact, during this time, a total of 9,000 new recruitment agencies were established in the UK alone: if Google Hire and Microsoft Talent posed such a threat, that figure would be drastically lower. It’s clear that businesses still prefer sourcing talent through specialised agencies: the question is, what benefits can they offer that Google cannot?

Screening and shortlisting

While GoogleHire offers a streamlined system for tracking candidates through the application process, it takes more than technology to find the right people for your business. When using a smaller, specialised recruiting agency, hiring managers benefit from the expertise of the particular consultant they work with. This is especially helpful when it comes to screening candidates at the point of application.

It goes without saying that GoogleHire promises a speedy service, but specialist recruitment consultants go one step further: they simplify the process for hiring managers by shortlisting only those who both meet the job specifications and seem a good cultural fit. GoogleHire, on the other hand, boasts a simplistic CV carousel which allows you to look through everyone’s CV and advance or reject candidates with just a click. Yes, it’s efficient – but recruitment is more than sorting through a pile of CVs and shouting “keep” or “bin.”

Tailored support at your service

By building a lasting relationship with an experienced recruiting partner, hiring managers benefit from a service that is bespoke to their particular requirements. Recruitment consultants understand that finding the right people to fill the growing skills gaps within their business is an urgent need, but they recognise that leaders are often too tied up to properly address it. As opposed to tools such as Microsoft Dynamics for Talent and GoogleHire, specialist agencies don’t rush through the process just to fill a vacancy or get bums on seats. Instead, they work with hiring managers at a capacity determined by the business to source high performers and hidden talent within the market.

Industry insights

Successful recruitment consultants pride themselves in their vast industry knowledge; they make a point of keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest news in their specialist sector. With this in mind, maintaining a professional relationship with an experienced recruiter can benefit businesses in more ways than one. For a start, businesses gain a clear scope of the current jobs market in their particular sector long before the need to recruit arises. Through their specialist recruitment agency, they can find out salary rates, career expectations, available skill sets and current hiring challenges faced by competitors in the industry. While GoogleHire has proven useful in tracking applicants through their journey, the best recruitment consultants act as your eyes and ears in the market – a skill that no tool can replace.