10 of the best blogs for legal pros

Whatever you think of the term ‘blawg’ – the amalgamation of the word ‘law’ and ‘blog – there’s no denying how popular this medium has become within the profession. Since their advent, legal blogs have have changed the way the law is discussed, creating a new channel for those in the sector to converse, connect and learn from one another. Today, the internet is alive with the blogs of barristers, judges, solicitors, students and trainees alike, each offering a unique insight into life in the legal industry.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own legal blog or you simply want a place to catch up with the latest legal news and views, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best blogs to give you a head start:

1.      Legal Futures


Before writing for Legal Futures, author Neil Rose spent 12 years writing for the Law Gazette after gaining experience as a solicitor. Today, he leads a blog dedicated in providing legal professionals with the knowledge they need to navigate the fast-evolving landscape. Read and respected by a plethora of industry experts, Legal Futures blends market intelligence with hard-hitting journalism to bring this bookmark-worthy blog.

2.      UK Supreme Court


Looking to get an insight into what’s happening in the highest courts of the land? This blog is the one for you. Every week, the UK Supreme Court blog is updated with details of the latest court hearings. While you wait, it’s worth browsing through their Features blog, too: here, you’ll find posts such as ‘The Supreme Court: a guide for bears’ and ‘Christmas gifts from the Supreme Court’.

3.      Survive Law


Imagine if Buzzfeed was solely for law students: in fact, it isn’t hard, because that’s essentially what Survive Law is. If you’re suffering through long nights of revision and facing killer exams and assignments, head on over to SurviveLaw. Despite being based in Australia, the tips and tricks shared on this site provide a universal pick me up for would-be lawyers.

4.      BarristerBlogger


In 2013, Chris Grayling was appointed Lord Chancellor. One Matthew Scott, a well-known criminal barrister in London, did not approve. So, he took to the blogosphere, venting his frustrations in his first ever blog post. Since then, Scott has received widespread acclaim for BarristerBlogger, a site he updates regularly with honest opinions and musings on the legal profession.

5.      Legal Cheek


In the words of Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge, this entertaining blog “reports daily on the colourful goings-on in the legal world to bring you the most interesting legal news and social media tittle tattle.” For those looking for a little bit of lighthearted relief from factual reporting, Legal Cheek will certainly do the trick.

6.      Charon QC


Every morning, the writer behind ‘Charon QC’  eats one egg, two slices of toast, two slices of bacon, some baked beans, two espressos, a glass of tap water and an undisclosed number of Marlboro cigarettes. Then, he proceeds to read four tabloids and three broadsheets before spreading his cynicism, wit and brutal honesty across them in the form of a blawg.

7.      The Justice Gap


Freelancer Jon Robbins leads this politically charged blog covering legal developments in the world of human rights, the criminal justice system and public law. It seeks to inform readers of their rights in the face of corruption and restricted access to justice. For those who are interested, they also provide a magazine and longer articles offering in-depth analysis on a wide number of issues.

8.      Lawyer Watch


LawyerWatch is written by Richard Moorhead, a Professor of Law and chair in law and professional ethics at University College London. His engaging blog provides expert analysis on legal ethics, access to justice and the changing legal services market.

9.      Artificial Lawyer


If you’re looking to keep up to date with the latest developments in cutting-edge legal technology, this blog should be a staple in your daily news diet. Here, you will find posts from a range of experts in the field and news from members of the legal community on the trends taking over the profession.

10.  TechnoLlama


In real life, Dr Andrés Guadamuz is a quiet, soft-spoken academic. However, when he gets behind the keyboard and becomes ‘TechnoLlama’, he tackles the big topics in the world of legal technology with a novelty-size needle of humour straight to the vein of his content. The result: a punchy and playful blog that cuts through the noise.