How recruiters can help you secure the right talent

Sourcing and securing top talent for your firm can be a costly and time-consuming process; one that eats into resource and rarely offers guarantees. However, in an increasingly competitive market, businesses eager to attract clients cannot afford to rush through recruitment. While most employers recognise the importance of building a talented team to serve a growing customer-base and boost the bottom line, many are quick to shy away from the task at hand. But is it any surprise? With a growing list of responsibilities and a schedule too tight for wiggle-room, dedicating the necessary time towards finding individuals who suit the role as well as the culture of the organisation will always be a challenge.  

Rather than attempting to squeeze talent-sourcing between the multitude of existing commitments, many firms are recognising the need for specialist support within their recruitment strategies. But what exactly are the benefits of using a recruitment agency, and how can they secure the right candidates?

Knowledge of the market 

If they are to successfully source candidates in a specific sector, specialist recruitment agencies must maintain in-depth market knowledge and keep a watchful eye for common trends and new developments. Your dedicated recruiter should not only be aware of the available talent, they should know where they are, how to reach out to them and what their salary and career expectations are. It’s this calibre of recruitment consultant that acts as the best business partner, acting as your eyes and ears in the jobs market of your industry.

Extended reach 

If you’ve scoured the results pages of LinkedIn to no avail, don’t be too quick to call it a day. While some candidates may shout to the digital heavens about their skills and experience, others may be harder to find. These could be passive candidates still currently employed but browsing around, or highly selective candidates who will only interview for their dream job. Luckily, the network of the average recruitment consultant is wide, and can easily be leveraged to connect you with the right candidate. Those opting for a recruitment agency will not only benefit from the reach of their own consultant, but that of the entire team.  

Selective sourcing

Employers can spend considerable time contacting candidates they believe to be a right fit, only to discover mid-interview that they were anything but. Firms using recruitment agencies benefit from a far more selective process due to the preliminary screening undertaken by the consultant. By conducting informal interviews with a selection of applicants, recruiters will be able to begin narrowing down the candidates into a shortlist. Those who looked good on paper but don’t match up in person will be quickly filtered out by your recruitment consultant, saving you from dedicating time to unsuitable applicants.

Time saved

No matter the size of your firm or your practice areas, time is a precious commodity. Dedicating days towards talent-sourcing will inevitably impact other areas of your work, but that doesn’t mean you need to cap your search-time and speed through the process. As well as saving firms time through an initial screening process, recruitment agencies allow busy professionals to focus on driving the firm forward while seamlessly managing the recruitment process from behind the scenes. With a little help from an external recruiter, businesses can ensure a steady flow of talent is entering their firm ready to take on a new challenge.