How you can advance your legal career by linking up with a recruiter

Whether you’re a budding trainee looking to take on more responsibility or a well-seasoned professional seeking a new challenge, differentiating yourself to other candidates in the market is key in landing your new job in the legal sector. But, after weeks of applying for roles in your local area and hearing nothing back, it’s easy to lose hope.

  • Was it something you said?
  • Should you phone the firm and introduce yourself?
  • Did your cover letter not cut the mustard?

Understanding what could have been done differently and how to best position yourself in front of desirable employers can be difficult without dedicated guidance. If you are seeking new opportunities within the legal industry, enlisting the support of a specialist recruiter can help you in more ways than one.

Invaluable insight

Specialist recruitment consultants maintain strong relationships with their clients, making it their business to understand the ins and outs of the company in order to tell you exactly what kind of candidate is best suited for a particular role. If you’re linking up with a specialist recruiter, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their client: it’s their job to act as a source of in-depth market knowledge and connect you with the businesses they believe are right for you. Gaining an understanding of current industry trends can give you the edge, allowing you to tailor your CV and interview strategy according to the information provided by your recruiter.

In many cases, senior-level opportunities won’t be advertised through a traditional medium, with firms preferring to task their recruitment agency for a more selective and efficient approach. Working with a recruiter will allow you to take advantage of this insider knowledge and get ahead of the competition. This could be particularly beneficial in situations where few current vacancies suit your particular skill-set.

Selective sourcing

Applying to ads online can be time-consuming, and often the little information you have is not enough to build a clear picture of the role or even the firm itself. Choice of wording and jargon can lead worthy candidates into believing the role is above them, while over-simplified job descriptions can cause a lower calibre of candidates to apply due to a lack of detail. These are the pitfalls that can easily be avoided by working with a recruiter to advance your legal career.

By nature, recruiters are selective in the roles they source for you. Rather than sending your CV to any firm with a vacancy, your dedicated consultant will hand-pick the most suitable opportunities and send them your way; reducing the competition and increasing your chances of being hired. From here, they will advise you on how best to present yourself in your application for the role and give useful tips ahead of an interview.

Ongoing support

Even if you are satisfied in your current role, being open to conversations with a specialist recruiter can bring you the best opportunities and encourage you to take a chance in progressing your career while you may have not actively been looking. If the time isn’t right for you, nurturing a long-term relationship with your recruiter will be a valuable investment when you are ready for the next step. As well as timely alerts regarding new relevant roles, you can rely on your personal recruitment consultant for CV advice, salary guidance, interview preparation and key sector updates.