Attracting passive jobseekers: 5 tips to help you attract the cream of the crop

We all know it’s easier to get a job when you’ve already got a job. But what about when you’re offering employment? Here, we give 5 simple tips to reel in the best of the best – because if you’re recruiting, that’s the least you should settle for!

  1. Invest in the best

If you were in a job that you were completely comfortable with, would you leave for

less money? No of course not, you’d barely even consider moving for the same wage. Far too often, potential candidates are offered less than what they’re worth. We understand you’re trying to keep costs down, but please remember that you get what you pay for. Go that little bit further and see your results improve almost instantly.

  1. Respect the career ladder

People labour tirelessly to develop their careers. It’s a bit of a kick in the teeth to them if they’ve finally made it to a managerial position, and you’re offering them an assistant role. Make sure you know where they’ve come from, and they can demonstrate that knowledge. If you do still want to offer them a step down, you’d better guarantee that it’s worth it.

  1. Give them an offer they can’t refuse

We don’t mean financially. While a good salary is essential, what people really want is career growth. says, “Passive talent needs persuading. You have to get the passive candidate excited if you want them to pursue your opportunity”. This is true: if you are advertising for an ambitious candidate, let them know that that ambition will be realised. Emphasise that you’re willing to further their career as they will hopefully further your business, and actually mean it.

  1. Get connected

Brazen Recruiter got it right when they said “a consistent, engaging digital presence is key to establishing connections with candidates who may not be job-hunting right now”. Particularly with younger candidates, digital media is the best way to go for increasing their awareness of you. They may not be looking for a new job yet, but if they’re keen to learn more about their industry, then they’ll be reading up on it. What better way to keep your name in their minds if they’re seeing it everywhere else?

  1. First impressions count

When you find the perfect candidate, it’s natural to want to go in all guns blazing. However, try not to come on too strong! Elite Leaders say: “It is a compliment to be contacted by a recruiter, it assures the candidate they are valuable in the workplace…Take advantage of this first impression by thinking through the first contact, being genuine and not spamming the candidate”. When you do say something, say it smartly. Ensure you’re coming across as sincere, and try not to copy and paste these initial queries. Be politely personal: it won’t go unnoticed.