Tis the season to be…planning your career assault in the New Year

OK it doesn’t quite rhyme or sound in the remotest bit Chrismassy. But this is the time of year when many job seekers tend to take their feet off the gas and wait until January before readying themselves for the traditional New Year jobs rush. And that is a tradition that really needs to be nipped in the bud.

The legal sector has seen steady growth over the last few years in terms of job creation, and there is no reason to suggest that 2017 will be any different.

While this is great for the industry, it also means that competition for the best jobs is increasing too. This means that job seekers need to pull out all the stops to improve their chances of job success in the coming months and a lot of that success will be down to one thing – timing.

For those of you who keep up to date with the last positions we post on here and various other sites too, you will have seen an increase in the number of new roles that have come onto the market over the last few weeks.

Employers haven’t been holding off on promoting their new vacancies, and you shouldn’t be holding off on applying either – especially if January 2016 was anything to go by.

Indeed, according to Indeed, almost 1 in 3 (30%) of legal professionals were looking for a new job at the start of the year, with The Independent putting this figure at closer to 50%.

Whichever statistics you wish to believe, the fact remains that those jobs that are currently being advertised with a closing date in January will see a sharp rise in the number of applications received. So why wait until then before submitting your application?

But before you go all gung-ho and start sending your CV to all and sundry, take a moment to consider if you are moving for the right reasons and if so, that you are best-placed to take advantage of some of the great jobs being recruited for right now:

Your motivations: Why are you considering a move in the fist place, what’s making you unhappy where you currently are? If you can’t quite put your finger on it, this article may help. It looks at the key findings from the Legal Week Intelligence Best Employers Report 2016 that highlights the main factors that job seekers look for in a law firm.

Your personal brand: Qualifications alone are no guarantee of career success. Employers look for applicants who can add more strings to their bow and are willing to get themselves ‘out there’. This article looks at how to build your personal brand using social media, while this article will explain how a specialist legal recruitment firm can help you find the right role with the right practice.

Your preparation: You can never be over-prepared and no matter how many people we have worked with over the years it continues to amaze us how often some people are flummoxed by those tricky questions that they know will come up at interview. This article takes a look at the 14 questions you can expect to be asked at interview – so the more familiar you are with them, the better prepared your responses (and chances of winning the job) will be.

There are umpteen other things that go into preparing for your next role, but the one listed above will certainly stand you in good stead. If you have any questions regarding your job search, get in touch with us.

We’re a team of former Solicitors so we understand the career challenges you face – we’ve faced them ourselves.