5 key reasons why networking will help you achieve your career goals

It is one of those words that can send a shiver down the spine of many of us, while for others it is something they love to do – much the bafflement of many. Like it or loathe it, networking is a key tool in helping you achieve success in your career

For legal professionals the skills you use in your everyday jobs managing client relations are the exact same skills that will see you shine at any networking event – you just need to know how to make them work to your advantage.

Here we take a look at the top five reasons to network your way to career success.

  1. Networking is a great way to make new contacts (and opportunities):

Not every networking event that you attend will be packed with fellow legal professionals, unless its one run by your local law group of course. But that doesn’t devalue the quality of the contacts you make.

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to promote your personal brand, and as you grow your network the more relationships you develop that become increasingly reciprocal – simply giving and receiving.

These contacts may not have a requirement for your services or a position available at their firm, but they may be able to put you in touch with someone who does.

  1. Networking raises your profile as a business-focused practitioner:

There are lawyers who are outstandingly good at their jobs, then there are those who are equally good but also recognise how their role impacts on the organisation’s bottom line.

To get ahead in the increasingly competitive legal jobs market, lawyers need to go above and beyond what is expected of them. Regularly attending key networking events demonstrates your awareness of the need to always be mindful that although your firm’s current clients must be the priority, its long term plans can only be achieved through the development of new business. And that make you a valuable and an attractive commodity.

  1. Networking can help you solve key challenges facing your sector:

The last few years has seen an increase in the number of senior business leaders make the transition from one industry into another despite having little or no prior experience within that sector.

But it works because they can adapt key learning practices from one industry and apply it to another. It is the same for you. Forging relationships with those from other sectors enables you to learn from their experiences and apply the solutions that they employed into your own area of expertise.

This further raise your personal profile but it also positions you as a problem solver too – a primary characteristic that is highly sought by employers.

  1. Networking can increase the value of your stock:

If money were no object, law firms up and down the country would have representatives attending every event under the sun to raise their profile as a go-to law firm. But that little thing called a ‘budget’ means we have to live in the real world.

Representing your firm at networking events instantly shines the light on you as well as your employer. You are, in effect, a walking shop window for your law firm and often the first chance someone will have of dealing with your firm.

That experience could make the difference to the way the firm is perceived which by default positively influences the impression your peers will have of you. All of which could be rather handy when the next round of promotions come!

  1. Networking can support your personal growth objectives:

Regardless of how well qualified or experienced you are, none of us have all of the answers to each and every challenge that we come up against. Especially when it comes to our careers.

Personal and professional growth is crucial to ensuring you have a successful career and sometimes the contacts you meet are able to support you and share their own experiences that could help you make better informed decision over your own career dilemmas. Sometimes they may even push you to challenge yourself harder and push to reach new heights within your career.


If you need hep or guidance on your next career move, take a look at some of the great careers advice articles we have on here. Or simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.