5 of the best ways to boost your legal prospects

For an article they were publishing in the Femail section of the Daily Mail, we were asked to suggest two things that all employees should be doing to make themselves indispensible. And that’s what we did, as you can read for yourself here.

Of course, there are more than two ways get the attention of the people with the power to positively (or negatively) influence your next legal move. So here are our top 5 tips to ensure that it is your name on the list of candidates in line for the next promotion in your law firm.

  1. Be very, very good at something no one else is any good at

You may be great at your job, but if all you are doing is what your job description says you should be doing, then you are not going to get noticed by your boss. Pick a task that very few of your colleagues have ever managed to master and make it your goal to be the best at it so that the next time someone has a question relating to that particular action, your colleagues will respond by saying, “Speak to ‘YOU’, they know everything there is to know about that.”

  1. Give your boss a helping hand (but not too often)

Your boss has the same amount of hours in the day as you, but the very nature of management sees a shifting of priorities on an almost daily basis. Lend a helping hand – think about some of the tasks that they have on their to-do list that never seem to get done. Is there something that you can help them with? Just remember not to be too eager to help or else you’ll gain a reputation for being a brown-nose, and that will do your career more harm than good!

  1. Build rapport with…everyone

Network, network, network. Take time to walk around the office and meet colleagues in other departments to get seen and known throughout the company.

  1. Become an expert 

One of the most effective ways of getting noticed by your peers is by demonstrating that you know your stuff. If there is a company blog, write for it. If there is a local business event coming up and you feel confident that you could speak with authority on a specific aspect of your role, could you be a speaker? Similarly approach the newspapers, websites and magazines that cover your sector and offer to submit articles to them. All of this raises your profile individually both within your company but outside of it too.

  1. Get yourself out there

The power of networking cannot be underestimated. Think of it like professional speed dating – a form of self-promotion to impress a potential suitor (employer). Admittedly not everyone is comfortable schmoozing in a room full of strangers, but attending key business events as a representative of your company demonstrates your commitment to your employer. This by default shines the light on you in the eyes of your boss and the great thing is that networking also increases your chances of landing a new job by a third!


We are in a candidate driven market right now, where employers are clambering over one another to attract and retain the best people to work at their firms. But if you find that your efforts continue to go unnoticed then it may be time to move on.

The team here at Zest are former legal practitioners. We understand the challenges that you face better than most and we are on hand to support you with your next career move. Get in touch to see how.