14 questions you need to know the answers to

The legal profession has a number of different occupations within it. But no matter what role you are applying for you can expect to be asked a certain set of interview questions that are designed to help the employer gain a better understanding of who you are and more important what you can do for them if they offer you the job.

The key to winning at an interview is in the preparation – the more you research the company and the people you will be meeting, the better your chances of job success. And knowing what questions you are likely to be asked in advance will help you to plan and respond with greater effectiveness and reduce the likelihood of getting caught off guard.

So what can you expect to be asked? Here just a few frequently used interview questions:

  1. What can you tell us about our law firm?
  2. What prompted you to apply to work with us?
  3. Why are you looking to leave your current law firm?
  4. Where does this position fit in with your career plans?
  5. We all have some weaknesses, what are yours?
  6. What are your greatest strengths?
  7. Describe a time when things didn’t quite go according to plan at work and how you resolved it
  8. This is potentially your third career move in less than five years, how can we be sure you won’t be looking to move on again to join another legal practice in a year or two?
  9. What two things would your current manager want you to improve on?
  10. What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career to date?
  11. What can you offer and bring to the table that others can’t?
  12. What motivates you?
  13. What salary expectations do you have?
  14. What questions do you have for us?

…the list goes on.

While the above is by no means a definite list of questions, you can and should expect to be asked a great many of them.

Today’s legal recruitment marketplace is more competitive than it has ever been, with more and more people vying for the same jobs. While having a great CV is all well and good, the moment you walk into the interview room its job is done.

Indeed, your CV has one just one purpose in life – to gain you an interview but it is your performance over the next couple of hours that will determine if you make it any further in the application process.

You’ve heard the saying a million times: practice makes perfect. When it comes to preparing for your interview, practice really does mean the difference between winning your dream job and settling for something that falls short of your ideal move.