15 Twitter accounts all legal professionals should follow

There are an estimated 13 million Twitter users in the UK, which gives you a heck of a lot of potential accounts that you could be following. But which ones should you follow?

From law firms and trade bodies to legal publications and service providers to the legal industry, there are quite literally thousands of organisations and individuals who each share and post some really great content that could add value to your work.

But let’s be honest, the window of opportunity to trawl through your news feeds is probably so small that the very notion of having to do so puts you off even starting.

So to save you time and ensure you access the right content quickly and easily, here are 15 of the best Twitter accounts that all legal professionals should follow:

  1. @LawyerMonthly – We like this, not just because we’ve featured in it ourselves but also because it’s a great resource to search the top stories from the last four weeks.
  2. @GlobalLegalPost – A UK take on legal news from around the world.
  3. @TheLawSociety – Well, we reckon you know who these guys are already!
  4. @LegalWeekReally good daily news source for the latest stories making the legal headlines. Includes stories from both the UK and across the Pond.
  5. @Law_Practice – Less news focused and more thought leadership and sharing of best practice from those working within the industry.
  6. @cpsuk – If you are interested in keeping up to date with real time trials and reactions to those outcomes, this is a great account to follow.
  7. @TheLawyermag – Full of news, views and events from across the sector.
  8. @michaelcross – Editor of the Law Society Gazette.
  9. @legalcheek – An often quirky and humourous take on the latest legal news.
  10. @TimesLaw – Of all the nationals this is by far the best (The Guardian was great but they stopped posting to their legal Twitter account some months ago).
  11. @JoshuaRozenberg – Probably the most recognised face within the legal profession…well, as close to a celeb that we have anyway.
  12. @lawyerist – Great to check out over your morning brew – a great mix of lighthearted and serious coverage of topical news stories…but not too serious.
  13. @lawsocgazette – As the same suggests, this account provides regular updates and analysis from The Law Society.
  14. @PracticalLawUK – Really good resource for senior practitioners and those holding management and leadership roles within their law firms.
  15. @ZestRC – Of course! Helps you keep up to date with the latest legal vacancies across the South West, Wales and North West.

Have we missed any? If you have any favourite Twitterers who we have missed off our list then let us know and we’ll happily include them here.