What can Legal recruiters do for you and your career?

We recently wrote an article about how recruitment firms can help hiring managers find the right people they need for the roles they either have in the here and now, and those they anticipate will be needed in the near future. For this article, however, we’re going to flip that around and show how recruiters can help you – the job seeker – when considering your next career move in the legal sector.

Here are five ways recruiters we can help you achieve your career goals:

  1. Our little black book is not so little:

Everyone boasts about his or her little black book of industry contacts. Ours, however, is ever so slightly bigger. Here’s why: We haven’t always worked in recruitment. In fact, for over 20 years we each worked as Solicitors for some of the country’s most well-known law firms where we had responsibility for hiring legal practitioners at every level.

As such, our contacts haven’t just been amassed through the sales contacts we have made in our capacity as legal recruiters. Rather, they have been developed over the natural course of our entire careers and include those working in Human Resources through to Partner level. These are the people with the power to help you make your next career move and we can use our influence to unlock doors that may not otherwise be open to you.

  1. We are extremely honest:

Sometimes a little too honest! If you are not 100% ‘right’ for our client or if the culture of the firm you wish to apply to isn’t right for you, we won’t put you forward. Our job is to always do the best by you and our clients and to ensure that the investment they make in you and conversely the one you make in them delivers a healthy return for you both. And if that means we miss out on our commission, so be it…we have our own reputation to think of too!

  1. We prepare you:

Because we have worked in the sector, we have first hand experience of what an employer is really looking for in their ideal candidate. Whilst we are not going to hold your hand through the application and interview process, we are best placed to give you the inside track into the client, their culture and how your career ambitions may be met.

  1. We’re amazing negotiators!

No really, we are – have you ever tried negotiating with a head of practice or Partner? It’s not easy. Thankfully, after years in the sector, we have become pretty good at it. But to be serious for a moment, successful negotiations are those that result in a mutually beneficial outcome.

We know the current market salary rates for each of the roles we work on and we know what ‘wriggle’ room there is with the employer when it comes to putting an offer together for you. This enables us to better manage your expectations and negotiate a salary package for you from a position of strength.

  1. We cut through the ‘noise’:

It is said that looking for a new job is a job in itself. Indeed, when you factor the vast number of online job boards, publications, recruitment companies and law firms that are out there the process of finding the right role for you in amongst all this ‘noise’ can be a daunting one.

Let’s not forget the various other tactics that come hand in hand with positioning yourself as a candidate of choice in the eyes of a future employer – tapping into your existing network of contacts and building your ‘personal brand’ to name but two.

This is where recruiters like us really make their mark. We can cut through the noise and help you to secure your next move with minimal hassle and maximum benefit both for you and the law firm we are recruiting for.

If you need any help with finding your next role, get in touch with us today.