How recruiters can help you secure the best senior talent

Recruiting staff at any level can be tricky, and the more senior the position the more difficult this tasks becomes. This is largely because the talent you really want is already in the market and doing the job you want to be filled, rather than on the market and proactively looking for a new role.

Just because the talent you want is largely already in the market, doesn’t mean that they are not open to new opportunities – in most cases they are. We recruiters call this the ‘hidden market’ of passive job seekers; the question is how do you access it?

That’s where search specialists such as us, really come into their own.

Our role is to help you find the right people for those hard to fill roles, where you need them and when you need them. It is a simple premise, but the execution is anything but. Indeed, there are a number of tools in the recruiter’s armoury that we use to secure the talent you are looking for.

Firstly, because we deal with a plethora of legal roles on a daily basis, we know the difference between having a good job description and a great one and the impact this makes on the quality of your next hire.

Indeed, because we were once doing the job you are doing, we can help you to identify exactly what type of candidate you need and write appealing job descriptions that will not only help to sell you as an employer of choice, they will better appeal to the very people you want to attract.

Secondly, we all have our little black books of potential candidate contacts. These contain the details of a wealth of legal talent across a range of specialisms and all levels. This opens you up to wider range of candidates, including those that may not otherwise have seen or shown interest in your appointment. But, we don’t just look within our existing, network – we go beyond it too.

In most instances, the people we can connect you with will be unaware of the role you are recruiting for; it is our job to ‘sell’ your role to them, at times prising them from their current roles when they had not been considering a move.

So regardless of whether you are looking for a legal trainer or a commercial property solicitor with 8 years PQE for example, we can tap into our contacts base and reach out to those people who best match your requirements.

Then there is the screening factor.

In addition to sourcing candidates, recruiters and search firms help hiring managers by handling the initial applications, vetting and interviewing those candidates who make it to the initial shortlist long before you, the employer, gets to see them. This enables hiring managers to skip the first stage of the hiring process and save a phenomenal amount of time in the process.


The cost of a bad hire can have considerable implications for your organisation, using up valuable time and money and even costing you your competitive edge in the market. Tackling an executive search on your own is not only difficult, it can distract senior staff from other important tasks, such as managing and growing the business whilst they continue their search.

That’s why it is important to choose your recruitment partner with care. Get it right, and you gain an invaluable asset who can make a direct contribution to its bottom line.