We’re different…no really, we actually are

We’re ‘different’, ‘unique’, ‘innovative’ and our personal favourites – ‘market leader’ with an ‘unrivalled track record of success’. A feature on so many recruitment agency websites, these stock phrases have become so overused that their value has become diminished. After all, to be ‘unique’ means to be a one-off and there can only be one ‘market leader’ – it’s leader not leaders, right?

Every business wants to stand out from the crowd, to be seen as different enough in order to be considered the agency of choice. But no list of adjectives lifted from the Oxford English Dictionary will be enough to convince a potential client to want to work with a particular recruitment agency.

The difference is in the approach that is being taken. And that’s where we come in.

Zest Recruitment and Consultancy is unlike any other legal recruitment agency. In fact we’re probably the opposite, and that’s precisely what we want to be.

For starters, we are the only agency in Wales and the South West that has two former solicitors at the helm, each with 20 years experience under our belts.

We know the difference between a good and a great candidate because we have hired it ourselves when we were legal practitioners.

We’re not driven by numbers or the commission we earn. Rather, our focus is on people and recruitment is all about connecting the right people to the right roles at the right time. To do this effectively means acting taking a proactive partnership approach to our working relationship with you. Or put another way – it means asking questions, lots of questions!

Admittedly, many of the questions we ask go beyond what you will already have experienced with other recruitment agencies – hey, you’re about to work with a team of former solicitors, so what else would you expect?!

The point being that if you really want the best candidates to work for you then you need to allow us to really get under the skin of what your firm is all about, your culture, your vision, your DNA. Only then can we be sure that we are able to do the best by you and our candidates too.

We also stand apart from our competition when it comes to our candidate selection process. Where most recruitment agencies focus much of their search on a candidate’s academic and professional qualifications, these things are of secondary importance to us.

Indeed, while we recognise the need for a candidate to have certain credentials to perform the advertised role, we’re more interested in them as an individual – their personality, career ambitions, motivations and their ideal working environment. These are the intangibles that determine how well an individual will ‘fit’ with your working culture and are also key predictors of future career success.

We are honest too. Because we have four decades of legal practice experience between us we understand better than most the challenges you face in finding the right people. So when you work with us you are working with a team who ‘get’ what you are all about.

As such we can give you the steer you need – sometimes even pointing out where you can improve your recruitment processes. This has proven to save our clients a significant amount of time.

Time is a precious commodity and one that neither you nor us can afford to waste. That’s why we will always be direct with you and only put forward those candidates who best match your exact requirements. That way your time to hire is reduced and our capacity to continue growing our business is increased (we told you we are honest – we’re ambitious too).


BC Forbes once said, “The bargain that yields mutual satisfaction is the only one that is apt to be repeated.” We’re not looking to make a fast buck, we’re a business like you and just like you our reputation is earned through adopting an open and transparent approach to all our client partnerships.

So leave us to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work and together we can achieve the best outcome for each of us.